Reclaiming The Spirit of Xmas; Tips for Better Health Over the Holidays

Who doesn’t love the magic of Christmas?

The snow, the spirit of giving, cuddling near a warm fire, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with loved ones and friends, gift exchanging, spending money, attending parties, giving parties, shopping, oh God the shopping, crap I forgot to buy something, more shopping, overeating the candies, hold on, overeating everything, too much turkey, too much ham, too much eggnog, too, too much eggnog, too much whiskey, I don’t like some of my Christmas guests that much, oh my God must I drive in this traffic?

Ok, Christmas isn’t always the magic we see on tv. Heck perhaps for you Christmas hasn’t been magical in years. How do we reclaim the spirit of peace and joy that Christmas is supposed to bring? What can we do to reclaim the magic of Christmas? Hopefully, the tips below can help you enjoy more your yuletide season.


How does writing a list of the things you would like to do over the holidays, a list of maybe 25 things, then categorizing it into 3 groups (the absolute things you must do, the things you would like to do, and then the things that if you have time you will do, but no big fuss if you don’t) sound to you? Prioritizing all the things we need to do over the holidays can help us avoid the bad stress of trying to do too many things in a short period of time. It’s ok to say no during the holidays. We can’t possibly enjoy the yuletide season if we are over-stressed with too many responsibilities or activities. Delegating some of the tasks on our to-do lists during this time of year may help as well.


We all know why we exercise and watch our diets. Because it’s Christmas do we forget our good habits that allow us to maintain health? Do we let our lives get so busy, that we find it impossible to maintain our healthy routines? If that’s the case and you wish it were not, why not prioritize some of your healthy behaviors by reiterating them in your to-do lists over the holidays. We can’t really partake in the kindness of the season if we are not first and foremost kind to ourselves.


During Christmas nature slows down. Animals are in hibernation and the nights are longer. In TCM one of the ways we create and maintain good health is by mirroring the seasons. So basically if nature slows down, we should slow down too. But how do we do that? Slow down, which is the absolute opposite of the excess that is life during Christmas. What about booking a massage? Giving your-self an hour or 90 minutes of pure relaxation can reduce the stress and anxiety that sometimes pop up during the yuletide season. Or perhaps you want to sign up for a yoga class or even better an acupuncture and yoga combined workshop? Yoga will always be a great way to de-stress and feel good. And Acupuncture is renowned for its ability to relax and soothe an over taxed nervous system.

And, if you do overdo it during the holidays, no worries. There are lots of things you can do in the new year, to help you regain your sanity and your waist, if you lose them both in December 😊.  I’m going to be offering an acupuncture and yoga fusion for digestive health in January. Maybe you wanna check that out after all the Christmas treats. Happy holidays 😊


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