Getting Ready for the Warm Temperatures: With A Little Help From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Ah, warm weather; the time for shorts and bikinis. The time for socializing outdoors. We all want to look our best when it’s swimsuit time. Beauty comes from good health. When we feel good on the inside we look good on the outside. Good energy comes from good health. Below you will find a few tips to keep you happy and feeling good as warm temperatures become a norm in the north.


Fire is the element associated with summer. Fire and heat, as nice as they sound after winter, can scorch the fluids in our bodies, making us more susceptible to problems such as dehydration, constipation, and aging. In TCM balance is the cornerstone of good health. The yang energies of warm temperature must be balanced with yin energies. Be sure to consume tons of good quality water, natural juices (unsweetened) and ice teas. Cucumbers, watermelons, pearl barley, and sea foods are cooler food choices, great for summer.


If you are worried about cellulite cupping may be a great treatment modality for you. Cupping, an ancient art, has been practiced in the East for centuries. Cupping involves negative suction and feels similar to a massage. In treatments for cellulite, rarely does skin discoloration occur, as is standard in some other cupping treatments. Cupping improves lymphatic circulation and fluid movement through the body. This reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases immunity.


We are all familiar with the Pavlov’s experiment. The experiment where dogs were conditioned to salivate by the appearance of specific stimuli, and not food. Well in TCM eating every day at the same time, conditions our digestive system to function at its best. Recent studies by the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society also found persons who ate at the same time every day had healthier blood pressure readings and healthier BMIs (Body mass index- a way of measuring obesity).

Hopefully, some of these tips are useful to you. Enjoy the warm weather 😊



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